Friday, October 23, 2009


Well yesterday day was not much fun. Have I told you how much I dislike electric fences? We had 10 steers "escape" out of the pasture yesterday, why? The fence was not working. There is a short SOMEWHERE. When you have miles of fence somewhere could be ANYWHERE! Well, after walking around for an hour I found a few trouble spots, but not the main spot. More investigating again today. It is much easier to find a broken wire in the light, in the dark with a flashlight just does not cut it. Our next fences will be barbed wire, it ALWAYS work. Time to go home and look for more breaks.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life Lesson

Well the week started out great. Helper Ricky and I visited the SEP office for an update. They are the one's that help pay for Ricky's training. It is actually more training for me in dealing with young people that are on the verge of greatness or failure. It is a real brass tacks program that helps youth in the community with job training opportunities. He has been teetering on the edge of not such greatness. Lot's of half truths and a pretty negative attitude lately prompted me to set up the meeting. Ricky has aspirations of making it into the military, unfortunately you have to pass certain tests to make it and he hadn't to date. It was a combination of a lack of studying and a lack of discipline. I know how hard studying is by yourself. Thank goodness for Twyla, she suggested the Adult Basic Education center. They would help him pass his test and realize his goals. Well, he went the first day and hopefully again today. I can just hear it now.. Your in the Army now!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sunday was a busy day. We spent the morning rounding up the last of our cows to come home. Friend Jim Cole takes care of a few of our cows for the summer in Pillager. The always come back SO FAT! Testament to some personal care and plenty of good grass. Wife Chris and I got them loaded in record time, 40 minutes. Great, we are ahead of schedule. So, we stopped for some lunch at the cafe 3 miles down the road. Why does the trailer feel sort of weird behind us? Could it have something to do with smoke POURING out of the rear axle? Yep, looks as if our borrowed trailer needs a wheel bearing pack or actually some new bearings. Fortunately we caught it in time. The bearing got hot, but did not completely blow up. Jim was kind of enough to come back and help me out. A quick trip to the auto parts store, new bearings and fresh grease and we are back on the road. Chris, my mom Pat and the kids had rode along, fortunately they found comfort and the Vikings game at the local bar. They were so patient as Jim and I worked like a pit crew putting it back together. Fortunately no tires blew!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Let's hope not! They are predicting the mid-twenties this week. That will mark the end of the growing season. We had a lot of rain this past week, over 3 inches. Fortunately it fell over a long period of time. This should make for some strong plants this spring. Soon the rest of our cattle will be coming home and winter will be setting in. Don't mind the snow, it is the frozen ground that I don't like. Everything gets so DARNED HARD! Try driving a fence post into frozen ground, I have and it is NO FUN. A good reminder that I need to get a few last minute items taken care of.